Whose Money Is It Anyway?
Title:      Whose Money Is It Anyway?
Categories:      Finances
BookID:      47
Authors:      John MacArthur
ISBN-10(13):      0849955548
Publisher:      Thomas Nelson
Publication date:      2000-06-20
Number of pages:      224
Language:      English
Price:      4.99 USD
Rating:      0 
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Description:      Product Description

Reading books on money and giving typically makes us feel worse than when we began.

"I don't want you to feel worse; I want you to feel better. And the path to feeling better is understanding what the Bible really says about giving and spending. This book will help you do that."-John MacArthur

John MacArthur has written this no-nonsense book to affirm Christ's teaching that "it is more blessed to give than to receive." In this practical, easy-to-read book Christians can find out:

  • How to give, where to give, and how much to give

  • Scriptural guidelines for acquiring money and investing it

  • The right and wrong ways to go about giving

  • The connection between generous giving and prosperity

  • Why get-rich-quick schemes like gambling are wrong

"When you give as God has commanded, you will find it liberating, rewarding, joyous, and profoundly enriching"-John MacArthur

Find out in this book how the blessings that go with giving can be yours.

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