1. Application

  • Please complete a GBF Membership Application form. It is imperative that you complete all the questions.
  • Application forms will be available at the church.

2. Membership information pack

  • Upon receipt of your application, you will be given a GBF Membership Information Pack
  • This pack contains relevant information about our church:
    • A Welcome Letter from our Pastor.
    • Why we believe Church membership is important.
    • Who we are: Our Mission and Methods.
    • Our Philosophy of Ministry.
    • Our Doctrinal statement and Church Constitution.
  • Believer’s Baptism is a requirement for membership at GBF.
  • Please contact us for a Bible study on Believer’s Baptism using our contact Form.


3. Membership information meeting

  • The Next step is to attend a Membership Information Meeting, which consists of half a day of classes, food and fellowship.
  • During the course of this meeting five different classes will explain our church’s mission and how by Growing in GRACE we seek to fulfill it.
  • This meeting is essential to understand who we are, why we do what we do and how we seek to glorify God.
  • This will also provide ample time to ask questions and to interact with others from our church.


4. Elder interview

  • On completion of the membership classes an elder interview is to be scheduled.
  • This allows for any final questions to be answered and any queries to be clarified.


5. Membership application notification

  • Once elder approval for your membership application has been granted the church body will be notified of your application.
  • Your name will be published in our Sunday handouts for two consecutives weeks to allow opportunity for feedback from the congregation.


6. Receive into membership

  • The final step is to officially welcome and receive you into church membership at Grace Bible Fellowship. This will take place on the next scheduled Communion service following the successful completion of the two-week notification period.