Professor Grant Horner's Bible-Reading System

Each day you will read one chapter from each of ten lists.  That’s right -- ten chapters per day!!! Use ten bookmarks or sticky notes with the individual lists on them to keep track of your locations. Or use the set of bookmarks provided on the last page of this document.
On day one, you read Ma hew 1, Genesis 1, Romans 1, and so forth. On day 2, read Ma thew 2, Genesis 2, etc. On day 29, you will have just finished Mat hew, so go to Mark 1 on the Gospel list; you’ll also be almost to the end of 2nd Corinthians and Proverbs, you’ll be reading Psalm 29 and Genesis 29, and so forth. When you reach the last chapter of the last book in a list – start over again. Rotate all the way through all the Scriptures constantly.